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Tibu Media is an innovative business model that incorporates teleselling operations within a marketing and communication agency


your audience


high interested contacts


in an acquired customer

Thanks to the perfect mix of individuals ranging from young talents to dedicated experts we are able to cover all the steps of your sales process: from targeting and generating “hot” contacts interested in your product, to delivering a customer acquisition.


Targeting your audience

In-depth market analysis, study of your product and your competitors
Choice of the most appropriate channels for you among: Social Media, Native Advertise, Display, Email and Sms marketing, Google Search and many others ....
We evaluate results and considerations together to carefully plan a campaign that performs at its best

Generating high interested contacts

Internal traffic management or through carefully selected trusted affiliates
Absolute control over the the lead flow, with immediate visibility of the source channel and of each single source thanks to an identification code
Possibility of constant optimization, blocking the less performing sources for the benefit of those that guarantee the best results

Conversion in an acquired customer

Internal multilingual contact center and highly qualified staff with proven marketing experience and excellent sales skills
The whole process is managed internally by Tibu Media. Delivery of an appointment or an acquired billed customer
No cost for targeting, lead generation and telephone operations, all charged to us. Zero risks, you pay only after you get the results

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